Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Message to Circus Parent Volunteers

Parent Volunteers for the circus field trip need to be at school at 9:30 on Friday morning!  We will introduce you to both classes before heading to the circus.  
Just a few ground rules so we're all on the same page:  
(1) On the bus, students will not be allowed to open their lunches until we reach Sioux City and we’d appreciate your help with that.  
(2) Once there (about 10:45) we will eat lunch and students may need help opening containers, eating quickly, etc.  
(3) Once we get into Tyson Event Center, we will ask you to take groups of students to the restroom before the circus starts.  We will not be purchasing any food items or souvenirs until intermission.  
(4) We’ve made kids aware that we won’t be doing any animal rides or anything and, if they wish to do this, we ask that parents take them on the weekend to enjoy those extras. 
(5) At intermission, 2-3 students will go with you (possibly not your own child, depending on the male/female splits) to use the restroom and explore the food court and souvenirs.  
(6) All students are allowed to bring $5 so PLEASE, with fairness in mind, only allow your child to spend $5 as well.  If they want additional souvenirs above and beyond $5, we ask that you go to the weekend performances as a family.  
Thank you for your understanding!

Additional notes: 
There will be older mentor students with us on this trip.  There are some students here at school involved in a mentoring program and have asked to be allowed to travel with us.  We will be using these students as buddies for first graders and helpers in the restrooms and with purchasing at intermission.

Thank you very much for volunteering to come with us.  We appreciate your help and just want this time to be enjoyable for every first grader (and hopefully you, too)! 


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