We currently use the MacMillan-McGraw Hill “Treasures” reading series  at Wakefield Elementary School.  The vocabulary in this reading series includes High Frequency Words and Word Families.  High frequency words are words that are most commonly found in text that first graders would encounter.  Some of the words follow phonetic rules that are predictable but many of them don’t.  So first graders “just have to know them.”  Word families help with predictable word patterns and rhyming.  Many of these families are learned in Kindergarten and reviewed in first grade.  All of the words that we learn in reading are placed on the Word Wall.  It is easily accessible for students to use throughout the day. 
Recently, my teaching partner found a GREAT resource for any teacher teaching from the Treasures curriculum!  I highly recommend it:

The Word Wall in our classroom acts as a great resource for writers!

High-Frequency Words
This is a list of 220 High-Frequency Words from pre-primer to third grade (including nouns).  By the end of first grade, your child should know the pre-primer, primer, and first grade list (at least).  
Thank you Mrs. Perkins!  http://www.mrsperkins.com/dolch-words-all.html
Word Family groups can be found at http://users.nac.net/dominica/wordfam.html .  
Thank you to “Miss Felici’s Education Universe”

Pre-primer Primer First Second Third Nouns
a all after always about apple home
and am again around better baby horse
away are an because bring back house
big at any been carry ball kitty
blue ate as before clean bear leg
can be ask best cut bed letter
come black by both done bell man
down brown could buy draw bird men
find but every call drink birthday milk
for came fly cold eight boat money
funny did from does fall box morning
go do give don't far boy mother
help eat going fast full bread name
here four had first got brother nest
I get has five grow cake night
in good her found hold car paper
is have him gave hot cat party
it he his goes hurt chair picture
jump into how green if chicken pig
little like just its keep children rabbit
look must know made kind Christmas rain
make new let many laugh coat ring
me no live off light corn robin
my now may or long cow Santa Claus
not on of pull much day school
one our old read myself dog seed
play out once right never doll sheep
red please open sing only door shoe
run pretty over sit own duck sister
said ran put sleep pick egg snow
see ride round tell seven eye song
the saw some their shall farm squirrel
three say stop these show farmer stick
to she take those six father street
two so thank upon small feet sun
up soon them us start fire table
we that then use ten fish thing
where there think very today floor time
yellow they walk wash together flower top
you this were which try game toy

too when why warm garden tree

girl watch

good-bye water

grass way

ground wind

hand window


head wood







Weekly Vocabulary

Your child will be bringing a manila envelope home with them that says, “Reading Vocabulary” on the outside.  We are going to try something new this year (so if you’ve had a first grader with me before, this is different!) Students are going to keep their little vocabulary packets in this envelope.  It will be your responsibility at home to practice these words each night, each morning, each week (however you see fit!) BUT please be sure to put this envelope back in the maroon folder EVERY night (with their mini-book) because we will be practicing these words at school, too!  You will know the current week’s words because they will be in a cute little pocket (see below). 

IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT THIS READING VOCABULARY ENVELOPE BE IN YOUR CHILD’S MAROON FOLDER EVERY DAY!  Vocabulary is very important in your child’s development of reading strategies and will eventually lead to improved fluency (read like we talk) and comprehension (understanding what we read!)       


  1. Where did you purchase your word wall? That is the exact one I am looking for!!

  2. Where did you purchase your word wall? That is the exact one I am looking for!!

  3. Lakeshore but it's SUPER old so it may not even exist anymore in their catalog. Google "Word Walls" then see if you can find any pics and follow them.