Our new bench and scoop rockers will be great when we do Read to Self or Read to Someone!

Our calendar are in both English and Spanish.

The Book Nook

Our Word Wall - by the end of the year it will be FULL of words!

Mrs. Soderberg's small group area and our writing area.

The whiteboard and clipboards are used every day all day long!

A view of our standing and floor tables.

A look at our sitting tables.

We have access to a Smart Table, a Smart Board, iPads,
and other fun things to keep our hands busy.

A look at the "Star Seat" area.

We use a clip chart to remind us of our good and poor choices.

Math Missions are used when we finish our work earlier.

We will use this "Building Stamina" chart during the first few weeks
of school until we can read independently, uninterrupted for 30 minutes.

We need a comfy spot to gather to learn.

Our book boxes and center tubs are very organized!

We ALL have a job to do every day!

Our mailboxes keep us organized.

Mrs. Hoffart's small group table and work area.

If your child is taught making great choices, they will earn the opportunity
to sit in the "Star Seat!"  

I'm sure your firstie has shown you their "Brag Tag" stash!  They are SO excited
each day to show you what they've accomplished and they might earn a "Brag Tag" when
they've been caught being good!  Celebrate with them and encourage them to continue it!

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