First grade math builds on skills learned in kindergarten and these concepts are VERY important as building blocks for learning to come.  In first grade, the most important ideas that we review and learn are:  number and number word identification (0-100), addition, subtraction, place value (numbers to 100), time, money, geometry, and measurement.
We are several years into a "new" curriculum,  enVisions.  We LOVE the interactive nature of this program as well as the technological components that we use with our SMARTboard.  One of the greatest differences with this program and what we’ve used in the past is the Guided Math component.   Students will be introduced to new topics each day then placed in small groups according to their understanding of the content.   Small groups of students will complete the math packet for the day with the teacher's guidance or independently, depending on their level of understanding.  While this small group of students is working with the teacher, other students are completing fluency practice on laptops using the websites like xtramath.org or ixl.com or working at their desks reviewing previously taught skills through the use of centers - hands-on activities.  This is a VERY busy time of day but extremely productive and students thrive on the independence it builds.

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