Beginning the week of August 29th, our first grade class will have “Sharing Time” at about 2:00 each afternoon.  During Sharing Time, firsties can bring something from home to share with his/her classmates.  Your student needs to be able to share three things about the item and be able to answer any questions that classmates may have.  If you wish to bring “live” sharing or anything fragile/really special, call or write a note in advance to let me know.  I am very flexible and we can even arrange another time that better fits your schedule.  It’s so exciting to see them grow and develop!  The following is a list of Sharing days:

Monday:   Aurora, Cameron, Asher, Bryan
Tuesday:  Leo, Denzel, Davidsin, Liliana
Wednesday:  Matthew, Chloe, Rylee, Joseph
Thursday:  Azmi, Molly, Kimberly
Friday:  Make-up day (for sickness or no school)

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