About Me:
My name is Cathy Hoffart.  This is my 19th year of teaching in Wakefield.  Before I came here, I taught K-1 combination & music for one year in a small Class I school in Berwyn, NE.  It’s been AMAZING here in Wakefield and I wouldn’t (and probably won’t ever) teach anywhere else!  SO, if I'm doing my math correctly - I've been in the classroom for 20 YEARS!

My Education:
My formative years of education were spent in Albuquerque, NM until 3rd grade when we moved to Nebraska.  I spent the rest of my school-age years in Beaver City, NE (southwest Nebraska).  Growing up in a very small town, I have a unique perspective on small-town schooling and the advantage that small class size has for kids.  In my college years, I spent two years at McCook Community College then moved on to Hastings College to receive my BA in Elementary Education.  After I had been in Wakefield for a few years, I decided to work on my Master’s Degree and received that in 2005.  I also have 12 hours toward an ESL endorsement.

My Family:
I lived in Wakefield for MANY years as Ms. Stading but in 2007, I met and married my husband, Chad Hoffart.  We live in Norfolk and have two beautiful, smart, sassy girls named Gabriella Ann (born in 2009) and Cecelia Jean (born in 2011).  Ella is in first grade at St. Paul's Lutheran School in Norfolk.  She’s seven years old and loves to ride her bike and talk Star Wars with Daddy.  Cecelia will be going to Little Lambs Preschool.  She is five years old and loves to be “beautiful” which involves changing her clothes four or fives times a day.  She also loves dollies and pretending she’s the Mommy.  My husband Chad is a stay-at-home-dad and he does a FABULOUS job keeping our family all together while I’m at school! 


Outside of School:
I love to read and take naps but spending time with my family is always at the top of my list.  We have to travel to see extended family (in Crofton, NE and Beaver City, NE) but also enjoy staying home, just the four of us.  This summer, we did NOTHING and it was amazing!    

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