Each Monday, students fill out their “Fridge Facts.”  This document serves as a “sneak peek” for parents AND students by previewing all of the content we will be covering throughout the coming week.  Students record vocabulary words, titles of reading stories, math content for the week, Science/Social Studies themes for the week, and a “Don’t Forget” for all of us!  

Why “Fridge Facts”?  Simple. I encourage all of you to post this document in a prominent place!  And where could that be?  Smack dab in the middle of the “highest-traffic-spot” in your house the refrigerator! Each time you or your firstie open the fridge for a snack, take a peek, ask a question, make a comment, or just casually chat about these items with your first grader.   
By the way, no longer will there be excuses for not knowing vocabulary (a.k.a.spelling) because it is now here, in vocabulary packets, AND in the homework packet that comes home each week (most of the words, anyway!  Some may be new and challenging!)  Practice, practice, practice = fluent, life-long readers!  (And, if you know me, you know that's my thing! :)

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