Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Reading Vocabulary Envelope Routine

Today your child will be bringing a manila envelope home with them that says, “Reading Vocabulary” on the outside.  We are going to try something new this year (so if you’ve had a first grader with me before, this is different!) Students are going to keep their little vocabulary packets in this envelope.  It will be your responsibility at home to practice these words each night, each morning, each week (however you see fit!) BUT please be sure to put this envelope back in the maroon folder EVERY night (with their mini-book) because we will be practicing these words at school, too!  You will know the current week’s words because they will be in a cute little pocket (see below).



IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT THIS READING VOCABULARY ENVELOPE BE IN YOUR CHILD’S MAROON FOLDER EVERY DAY!  Vocabulary is very important in your child’s development of reading strategies and will eventually lead to improved fluency (read like we talk) and comprehension (understanding what we read!)       

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