Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Guided Reading Lesson Plans

The first few weeks are always a whirlwind but this year has been especially windy!  Trying out new things always involves a learning curve and, for “older” teachers like me, that curve can sometimes seem insurmountable!  Yet, I forge on!  

I’ve been struggling with how to include all of the details in my Guided Reading lesson plans necessary for a substitute teacher to be able to pick them up and teach from them!  (I have two beautiful daughters who have seemingly been sick more than they’ve been well so sub plans are ALWAYS at the forefront of my mind!)  Who wants to teach from lesson plans with a font that is the size of a gnat?  Not this girl!  So, I’m trying something new. 

Notice that the grayed areas are two groups at the same time.  For sake of time, I had to have two groups at the same time.  They are both above grade level so I split my time between the two.  One group works more independently than the other.

The remaining group is getting a "double dip" of reading with me, as they also meet with our Reading Specialist in an attempt to get them to grade level.  I also included my "Read Aloud" time and I actually split my kids into writing groups rather than writing on their own during Daily 5.

I am going to attempt a week-long lesson plan.  It will include the details I couldn’t include previously and will be much more “user friendly” for both myself and any substitute in my room.

Here’s the plan:  as I complete something on my plan, I will cross it off.  Anyone coming into my classroom will simply look at this plan, teach a few things that aren’t crossed off, and call it good!  Our principal has asked us to include objectives in our plans this year and this is the ONLY way I’ve managed to include them!  So, I’m killing more than one proverbial bird with one stone! 

How do you plan for Guided Reading?  What do your lesson plans look like and how do you get all of the details where they need to be?  I'm always eager to see other ideas, so shoot me a quick comment and fill me in! :)

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