Monday, August 27, 2012

Tech Time!

Our first grade schedule is packed to the gills with Daily 5, Math rotations, and many other fun and exciting new “firstie” types of activities!  One GREAT time of the day is what we like to call, “Tech Time!”  This happens on Mondays at 1:25, right after afternoon recess and right before PE.  During this time, first graders rotate through three “techie” centers the Smart Table, the Smart board, and iPads and iPods.  All first graders agree that this is a very fun time for them to experiment with and experience the things we are learning in class in a whole new way.  I try to choose games and activities that go along with what we are learning and it helps us better understand content that has been introduced.  When we “play” with our knowledge, it gives us a chance to show our understanding and (even better) teach it to one of our classmates!   Ask your first grader what they think of the technology in our classroom!

Some of the first graders are spending some time getting to know the new addition to our classroom - the Smart Table.

These first graders are demonstrating what they know about numbers and number words by matching the words to the appropriate numbers.

This group of "techies" are exploring with the iPods and iPads that are available both in our classroom and through the mobile iPad cart.

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