Monday, August 13, 2012

Math Fact Shoot-Out

ABCya Games has many games for many grade levels - from reading to math to science.  It's a great site for any grade and this particular game is geared toward first grade students and beyond.  There are 3 different levels with addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.  This would be a great game to review addition and subtraction as we come back to school and dive back into learning. 
This game, like all games on their site, is super easy to get started and to play.  Once you click 'go,' you are prompted to select a level (easy, medium, or hard).  Then you pick the math operation you'd like to play.  Finally you choose your player.

Click on the picture above to play Math Shoot Out.
I encourage you to try this fun game with your first grader and see how much information they can remember from kindergarten!  We won't be getting into addition and subtraction for a few weeks, but the review will certainly not hurt!

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