Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Week of August 20th At a Glance

We begin every year reading a few of my favorite books!  It allows me to share some of my favorite family stories and the kids to get to know me a bit!  If You Give a Mouse a Cookie happens to be one of those favorites! The following pictures show students working together to generate a list of things they would give a mouse using the alphabet as a guide.  This activity allows me to see how well students can work together, allow other students to guide, and be a leader themselves.



MANY other things are happening in our classroom as we learn the routines that we need to get through the day.  Mrs. Soderberg helps us in the morning and she has been assessing each student to see how much information they retained over the summer!  We would be LOST without her help!

Here, students are playing "Wipe Out" - a game that reinforces number identification skills.  We spend some time at the beginning of the year reviewing Kindergarten content but I try to make it fun!  "Wipe Out" is always a favorite!   


Check back every few days to see new things that are going on in our room - we are a "Growing Class!"

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