Tuesday, November 20, 2012

We Are So Thankful!

It has been a difficult year for many people all around the world but I am thankful every day that I have been given the gift of time with your child!  This time of year is magical in the eyes of a first grader!  They are thankful for SO much!  When asked, here are some of the things this year’s firsties are thankful for:

Ashlyn B. family & friends
Ashlyn V. my mom & dad
Trystan B. people being nice to me
Laken my brother & sister
Caedan food
Katelyn family
Anthony food
Jackson food
Tristian H. all the food they (the cooks at school) give us every day
Jeremiah food & having friends
Elizabeth family
Airam pets
Joseph food they (the cooks at school) give us
Arlan my stuff
Caleb everything

Every year, it is tradition in my room that we eat our thanksgiving dinner in our classroom.  You would think that I hung the moon, the first graders get So excited at the prospect!  It’s so fun to see and a great opportunity for us to practice proper manners and just sit and chat something we don’t often get time to do! 

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