Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

It was a perfectly beautiful fall day for a first grade celebration!  This year’s class was certainly excited ALL DAY LONG! 
As is tradition in our small town, the students in PK-3 “parade” first through the Care Center.  It's an absolute joy each year to see the face's of our senior citizens light up with delight at the scene marching before them!  There are familiar faces each year and this year was no exception.  Some of my students have grandparents or members from church whom they can make a connection with.  
After the Care Center, we make our way downtown to Main Street and continue the "parading!"  Businessmen and women as well as townspeople and parents line the streets with baskets and tubs full of candy to watch and dote on our students.  Each year, they are THRILLED by the reception.  We work on skills such as, "Thank you!" and making eye contact (so it's not all about the candy . . . . .really?)  
We are certainly grateful to both the Care Center and the community of Wakefield for continuing traditions such as these.  MANY years of students have taken part in the Annual Costume Parade - it ranks right up there with the trip to the circus in the spring (another first grade tradition).
To commemorate this special occasion, we took a couple of pictures to share with you all.  ENJOY! 

These are our most "ghoulish" faces that we could muster!

AHHHH!  Here are the nice little boys and girls that I work with every day!

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