Friday, July 20, 2012


School-time is drawing near and activity on teacher websites and blogs has increased exponentially in the past few days!  Like a hoard of busy bees, teachers everywhere are buzzing around stores and on the internet looking for ideas and supplies for their classroom!  


I need to check back more often (and I recently heard that WalMart has some of it’s own goodies!) but here’s what I found recently at the Norfolk Target! 

On the far left, I found transparent sleeves where I can put an activity page in the pocket and students can use a dry erase marker to complete the activity.  I have a little shelf outside my classroom door for inside recess activities and I imagine using these.  I think I’ll use the opportunity to include some handwriting activities – as we don’t always have tons of time to focus on handwriting skills outside writing time.
The round buckets in the back will be used for supplies (not exactly sure yet) but we’re going to tables and more of a community-style sharing of supplies so these will work nicely at tables for something.
Last year, I bought several of the multi-slot tubs for shared supplies but don’t think I have enough for the MANY tables that will be in my room this year (HUGE class!)  So, they’re not exactly the same as those I bought last spring, but close!
Multi-colored mini-pocket charts are ALWAYS a handy thing to have around.  I requisitioned a SUPER COOL pocket chart at the end of the year that can be combined into one big pocket chart with 4 distinct parts or broken down into smaller parts – PERFECT for word sorts!  I figure that these mini-pocket charts could be used for that, as well, or I could somehow incorporate them into an idea that’s brewing for mini-Word Walls for each subject (stay tuned)! 
The small round things in front are magnetic cups.  Perfect for paper clips, tacks, etc!  I got rid of my teacher’s desk last spring and will be at a table this year with a shelf (hopefully being built as we speak and painted BLACK, of course!) behind me to store everything.  These will come in handy!
Lastly, the little black stackable tubs will be used on my shelf for sorting and separating needed supplies.  I’m excited to fully switch over from my desk to more of a multi-use area that is shared by both students and teacher.  These will help me stay organized and get some of these supplies out of my closet and into the hands of kids!
I’ll keep on the look-out for more great bargains!  Let me know if you’ve found anything useful for your classroom!  I love to hear what everyone is hoarding collecting!  Happy buying fellow teachers!

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  1. I grabbed some bubble microphones. When it is someone's birthday we will sing to them using the microphone and then it will be part of their b-day present from me. =)

    I am happy to be your newest follower. If you get the chance, I would love for you to hop over and visit me. =)

    Heather's Heart