Saturday, September 5, 2015

Daily Graphs

We’d LOVE to introduce you to another of our beginning of the year routines, “Daily Graphs.”  We use this as a way to learn more about each other AND how to use our Math Notebooks.  We have also learned that Scientists and Mathematicians are compelled to gather information from all areas and record the data.  First graders can be Scientists and Mathematicians as well!  When we gather information about our classmates we can interpret that data and record what we’ve learned to inform others of the outcome.
Each day for the first few weeks of school, when the students enter the room, they have the opportunity to complete a graph.  We have done many different topics including, “What is your favorite meal?” and “Have you been to a movie theater?”  It’s been so fun to learn more about our friends but there is SO MUCH MORE involved in this than just our personal interests. 

When we use our Math Notebooks, we first date the page (in the top space).  Next, we record the question and then the answers (like a list).  Once we have that information, we can record the data from the graph.  Sometimes the data includes tallies, “x”s, and even our initials.  We’ve learned that OUR data should total 17, since there are 17 students in our class.  Counting the total data has been a GREAT way for us to check to ensure that all have completed the graph.
Daily Graphs are a great way to make sure we continue to be a GROWING CLASS.

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