Tuesday, August 25, 2015

"If You Give a Bird a Bug"

During these first weeks of school, we have been reading some of Mrs. Hoffart's favorite books, some by author Laura Numeroff.  We started our adventure with If You Give a Mouse a Cookie and it slowly grew to include If You Give a Cat a Cupcake and If You Take a Mouse to the Movies (although there are many more stories).  To culminate our discussion, we wrote our own "circle story" (a common thread in Ms. Numeroff's books) and this is the final product.  ENJOY! (Scroll down to read each page and find the full synopsis at the very end.)


If You Give a Bird a Bug                                   by, Mrs. Hoffart's First Grade


If you give a bird a bug, he'll eat it and ask for more.  When he's done he's thirsty.  He'll ask for water.  The birdbath will remind him that he's dirty.  He'll ask for shampoo and a washcloth.  The shampoo will remind him of watermelon. He'll ask for some watermelon.  He'll find seeds and want to plant a garden.  He'll ask for a shovel, a rake, and some gloves.  Planting will remind him he likes corn.  So he'll ask to go to the store.  He passes a toy store on the way.  He buys a baseball.  As he goes to the field, he cheers for the teams.  Suddenly he feels something on his leg.  And chances are, the bug will remind him he's hungry.  By, Mrs. Hoffart's First Grade

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