Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Another 100th Day Celebration!

Happy 100th day of school!

Wakefield Elementary celebrated its 100th day of school in style this year (as we do every year!)  It’s always an exciting time for the younger students as we are currently talking about BIG numbers  so celebrating this BIG day is a highlight each year!
We try to switch it up a bit and do something different, but there are definitely favorites for each class.  In our room, for 15 years straight we’ve counted Dalmatians each day and put them on the wall of our classroom.  This is a great “reminder” of the numbers we’ve learned and helps greatly when learning to skip count or talk about terms such as before, between, and after.  Logically, on the 100th day (101st would probably be more appropriate, but . . . .) we watch the "101 Dalmatians" movie.  This year we recorded 100 words that we can read, practiced writing to 100, did some 100the Day Math Centers,and made a “100 Treats Trail Mix” to eat during the movie.  Perhaps the favorite this year was the "What I Will Look Like at 100" pictures and writing.  I found an aging app on iTunes and took the students pictures.  The app automatically ages the photo and it makes for quite creepy photographs!  Creepy but funny!  Our hallway display has had many a comment since it's been up!
The following are pictures to document our celebration  ENJOY!

Each year, we enter the room with quite a bit of pomp and circumstance!  Streamers are a highlight!

Our "100 Autographs Book" is a highlight for not only first graders, but other students and parents alike!  

This year?  We had NO problem getting more than 100 autographs!

Our "aged" photographs and writing.  If you haven't had a chance to stop by, please do!

One example of the aging app and writing.

Evidently our noses and jowls grow larger and saggier when we grow old! 

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