Thursday, October 24, 2013

First Graders are Scientists!

For a couple of weeks now, we have been discussing "being a scientist" in our first grade classroom!  It is our contention that everyone is a scientist because we all ask questions and seek answers to those questions.  With that in mind, we began a scientific quest for knowledge about pumpkins this week!
Here are some of the activities that your lil' scientist experienced:

Scientists collect data so we voted for the face of our class jack o' lantern.
I'm excited to say that we will get some great experience breaking a tie with this one!
Thank you, First Grade Parade!

Here, two students are helping to count the MANY seeds that came from our pumpkin.  The students had time during math rotations to come back to the "seed counting area," count a group of 10 seeds, then find a spot on the chart, circle it, and initial it.  This worked REALLY slick because I could clear off the paper and we counted the circles later in the day.

This is our final view - can you believe there were
EXACTLY 500 seeds in our pumpkin?

Then, of course, we cooked those 500 seeds and enjoyed a little treat.  

Tomorrow we will carve our jack o' lantern with the voted-upon "parts" and enjoy it until next week's holiday!

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