Tuesday, September 24, 2013


I have been trolling websites, Facebook, and Pinterest this summer and fall in an attempt to win an AMAZING pencil sharpener (which I did - thank you Teacher Treasure Hunter) and, in the process, stumbled upon some amazing opportunities, products, and freebies!  

The following is one of the websites I "stumbled" upon:

At the time, registration was open (it is closed now) and I was asked to list a few things that I needed/wanted for my classroom but was unable to purchase on my own.  The site rightfully claims that teachers spend a significant amount of $ on their own classrooms and redditgifts wishes to match teachers with generous donors.  I didn't believe this was legit!  So, I didn’t tell anyone else about it and, frankly, forgot about it!  A couple of days ago, I got an email stating the package was in being shipped . . . nope, still didn't believe it!  

Then, tonight when I got home, there was a package waiting for me!  It not only had the items I requested, but the generous donor named Ginny from NC sent me a $20 gift card to Target, some chocolate (YUM!), a candle, and various bath products to "pamper" myself with after a stressful day!  Amazing, huh? 

The products that I requested along with the AMAZING gift card to Target, every teacher's fav!

The incredible handwritten note from Ginny from Raleigh, NC!  This woman is going to get THE BEST thank-you note ever!

For all my teacher friends (and friends of teacher who may want to be donors) this will be up and running again next year (mid-August) and, if you have any needs/wants for your classroom or wish to donate, you can register and receive someone else's generosity and admiration for what teachers do!  What a blessing!

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