Thursday, September 26, 2013


Here at Wakefield Elementary, we take an assessment called MAP (for more information about it’s basics, go here to see an article that I wrote last year.)  The results are immediate and extremely helpful!  In fact, in first grade, we use the results to drive our small group instruction.  I went to a meeting today about this assessment and got some GREAT stuff for parents to use at home with their kids.  Here you go - a gift from me to you!

A GREAT resource for parents (and teachers, including muah!) looking for educational games for their children to play in their "off time" is MAP Math and MAP Reading.  GREAT FIND!  I know I plan on utilizing it during our Math Rotations here at school.  It's a series of links to games organized by RIT score (which you will soon get at Parent Teacher Conferences).

Have questions about MAP when you're home at night, it's late, and you're just curious?  A school in SC made a handy-dandy flier for parents with that exact problem (click here.)  It's got down-to-Earth explanations and some FABULOUS graphs for your perusal!

If you have LOTS of extra time on your hands and are interested in some technical stuff, (the creators of MAP) have a Parent Toolkit that may be right up your alley!  It has some great FAQ that may interest you.

Another school district made a GREAT MAP resource page for parents with links to all kinds of things, including reading and math games organized by RIT!  I LOVE THIS RESOURCE!

If you don't want to read a bunch of stuff but just want a human being to explain this to you and your child's teacher isn't available (because it's midnight and you can't sleep - otherwise we're usually available!)  a very helpful MAP video has been posted on and may give you some valuable information.  Watch it here.  AND has a parent how-to video that you can watch here

Not directly tied to MAP assessment, but just as helpful, I came across another GREAT resource where we can type in a first graders Lexile (a measure of reading that we don't currently use at Wakefield) OR reading ability/grade level (this will be more applicable) along with some additional information and a list of books to read will be generated for you!  AMEN!

All in all, I hope that this helps you with any additional questions that you didn't think of before as well as some great resources to help your child reach their highest potential!.

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