Tuesday, December 4, 2012

One Book, One Community

Each semester, our school does “One Book, One School,” where every student gets the same book, all read at the same pace, do fun activities, and share in a Literacy Night to celebrate our reading.  We’ve read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Frindle, and Mouse and the Motorcycle.  This year we participated in “One Book, One Community,” and every household in Wakefield was offered a copy of Charlotte’s Web (neat, huh?)  Some families received Spanish and other English, depending on their need.  As a culminating activity, the students tried out for and put on “Charlotte’s Web” (a play) at our local theater in both English and Spanish!  IT WAS AMAZING such talent in our school!
Another popular activity during this time is the door decorating contest.  We discuss ideas that we have and come to consensus on a “do-able” door!  This year, we decided to make a web out of hot glue (right on the paper) and the students made words to describe Wilbur and “hung” them in the web (glue).  We called it, “Wilbur’s Web of Wonderful Words.”  Guess what?  WE WON! The following pictures show our “Pizza Party” that Mr. Wulf (our principal) so generously put on for us!  He’s a great sport (does this suffice as our official ‘Thank You’?) and the kids were THRILLED to eat pizza for snack!  I wish I could say I took a picture of the door but, alas . . . . . . .  But I did get pictures of us feeding our faces! :)

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